Maxis 3G vs Celcom 3G – Both Slow?

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Celcom 3G

Are you one of the Maxis 3G or Celcom 3G user? Or you’re just the one who can’t decide which one to subscribe? Let me guess, you really need to connect to the Internet on the move.

Before you make your final decision, just read through review of good/bad and slow/fast experience. Don’t fall under the trap with their marketing geniuses advertisement.

Below is some rants and review about Celcom 3G from the blogosphere:

  1. While using Celcom 3G, some people can get 1.32Mbps+. Well that’s impressive, at least in this country.
  2. Henstudio managed to get 2.05Mbps but complaints the upload speed in only 150kbps, slower than TM Net Streamyx. He also stressed out that modem type is also important.
  3. Bloganything said that it is better to use Streamyx. Go for Celcom Broadband is you’re a student and really need to mobilize.
  4. Don’t use Celcom 3G Broadband and Maxis 3G Broadband. They were horrible, said Yapthomas who choose P1 Wiggy Wimax.
  5. Mytechnews was experimenting with the Celcom 3G Broadband Prepaid which the speed can go up to 384kbps only.
  6. Shashinki advised not to be bond with the contract. Buy the modem by yourself for RM699.
  7. Ah Tim told his experience, a survived blogger in Kuala Terengganu.

Maxis 3G

Maxis 3G Logo
What about Maxis 3G?

Look at the charges below:

Maxis 3G Data Packages

Check out the good and bad review about Maxis 3G below:

  1. Wernshern of LYN blog is hoping that P1 Wiggy beats Maxis 3G.
  2. On the contrary, Ozzylicious said that Maxis 3G is BLAZINGLY fast!
  3. Beware of the Maxis 3G Pay-per-use. Their customer service sucks, as being told by Lankapo.
  4. Colin Charles said Maxis 3G won’t work at PLUS North-South Expressway, unlike Celcom 3G.
  5. Fairiz said the winner is Maxis 3G. Simply said that because its ability to download continuosly using download manager, without interruption, unlike Celcom 3G.
  6. MyOrganicIncome said that Maxis 3G never failed him. Maxis Boleh!
  7. Maxis 3G is totally crap!. Ayusli got another perception about Maxis 3G and subsequently leading to the termination. Follow hisPart1Part2 and Part3.

So, who’s the winner, if both Maxis 3G and Celcom 3G are slow?

It is true, they can’t cater the best service at all levels. But at least give us the price we pay.

Note: MyDigitalLife posted a blog post about a Maxis 3G experience.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. hen

    June 20, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    thanks, by the way, none of them are good. We just have no choice.

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