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If you can’t access, please directly go to You can select English, French or Dutch language. This is only available for non-MMS supported phone.

To view MMS instantly on your mobile phone, make sure your mobile phone is ready for MMS.

1. Check
First of all check to see if your mobile phone supports MMS. Today the majority of handsets support sending and receiving MMSs.

2. Activate
Send a free SMS with the message “MMS” to 1914.
MMS will then be activated for free on your mobile phone.

3. Settings
In some cases your mobile phone might not the necessary settings to send and receive MMSs.
You can automatically configure your mobile phone. The settings will then be downloaded on your phone. Just switch you mobile phone off and turn it on again to complete the configuration.

4. Register
Just send your first MMS so that you will also be able to receive MMSs. - Base, Belgium - Base, Belgium

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Base is the third largest of Belgium’s three mobile telecommunications operators. It competes with Proximus, owned by Belgian state owned telco Belgacom, and Mobistar, a subsidiary of France Télécom. It is from October 2009 onwards also the name for its fixed line and broadband ADSL operations formerly marketed under brand name Tele2.

The Base network is used by a number of mobile virtual network operators: Simyo (KPN), Tele2 Smart (Tele2), Aldi Talk (Medion Mobile), 1 Mobile (Carrefour), NRJ Mobile (NRJ Radio), Ortel Mobile (KPN), Al Yildiz, JIM Mobile (VMM), Mondial Telecom, Ello Mobile, Caleo Mobile, DixiTel, Ilyacom, Inphony Mobile.

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