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How to configure your mobile phone to send and receive MMS?

If you choose to enter the MMS setting manually, refer to the below setting and configuration.


Data bearer: GPRS
Access point:
Username: (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)
Connection security: Off
Type of connection: Permanent
IP address: Automatic
Proxy server address:
Proxy port number: 8080 *
* Proxy port number may be one of the standard numbers (9200, 9201, 9202, 9203 or 80)

As quoted from the official HT Eronet website at

Besides GPRS/WAP on mobile phone, Internet content may be browsed by using the phone as a modem to connect on the Internet.
This is possible because many of new phone models have an internal modem.

To set it up to work correctly you should know the settings of HT ERONET. Access points or APNs (Access Point Name) that utilize the Internet connection are i for users of START and for users of CONNECT tarrif.

If you wish to establish GPRS/WAP connection via mobile phone we recommend to use access point. Detailed settings can be found or HT ERONET website, general settings are given in the table below. When connecting via this APN, you should turn on proxy server. (i.e. for CONNECT users) is another APN that you can use. We recommend you to use this APN if you connect to the Web by computer, using the phone as a modem. Of course, if you have a new mobile device that supports HTTP access, you can see the Internet content on your phone display. You do not have to set up proxy settings (address, port…), all you have to do is to enter the name of the APN. (Proxy should be off).

Users that have phones with e-mail clients can read their mail via GPRS on their display. All you have to do is to enter your incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMPT) servers given by your e-mail provider.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

HT Mobile communications (HT ERONET) is a mobile phone operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a subsidiary of HT, telecommunications company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

HT ERONET offers both prepay (!hej) and postpaid services, as well as mobile internet over EDGE network, VMS, multimedia messaging and others.



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