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You must be very excited when you receive something like this on your mobile phone.

“You’ve got a MMS from 65 9*** ****. View your MMS at on the web using the password ******* within 48 hours.”

Tell me who don’t feel excited when your friends share something nice via MMS. Unfortunately, you realized that your mobile phone is quite an old model. It does not support MMS. - Singtel, Singapore – Singtel, Singapore


According to the SMS sent by Singtel, you have to go to on the web  to view your MMS.

But when you try to access, you get a BLANK page. Yes, it is a real BLANK and INACCESSIBLE page. - Singtel, Singapore

Here’s the trick:

Below is the correct URL:

You’ll be welcomed with the welcoming message on the MMS Message Retrieval Station.

Welcome to SingTel Mobile MMS Message Retrieval Station

Please login with your mobile phone number in international format (preceded by your country code and without the leading zeros and spaces).

For example, if you are an Australian subscriber with the number 0412 123 456, please key in “61” for Australia, followed by “412123456”.

Please key in the password sent to your mobile phone via SMS to retrie ve your message.

Note: Messages will be deleted after 48 hours.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

SingTel Mobile is a fully-owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications and offers mobile telecom services in Singapore. Currently the largest mobile operator in the country with about 2.57 million subscribers or 43.4% of the mobile phone market share as of March 2008, it enjoyed a monopoly over the mobile telecommunications market until market liberalisation in the 1990s.

SingTel Mobile was the first mobile phone operator in Singapore to launch the iPhone in 2008.




    July 19, 2015 at 2:29 am

    how to retrieve mms from my handphone?

  2. Catherine Lee

    August 19, 2015 at 5:54 am

    I received a sms stating that I received MMS from 6581800569. To view my MMS at Where do I get my password when it is not stated?

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