Malaysia – KL FM, Malaysia - KL FM, Malaysia - KL FM, Malaysia

NOTE: KL.FM is not a telecommunication company. KL.FM is a radio station based in Malaysia which covers mostly Kuala Lumpur area and presented in Malay language. is a place where listeners can send their MMS from their MMS enabled phone to [email protected]

To send SMS to KLFM, just type: KLFM (your message) and send to DAPAT (32728).
To send MMS to KLFM, you have to take a picture from your mobile phone. After that, send to the address [email protected] Just make sure the mode selected is MMS, not email.

Quoted from the official website KL.FM:

KLFM is now known as Radio Malaysia KLfm, a new official name started 31 May 2009. However, no changes on the content or segment name in Radio Malaysia KLfm.

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