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Are you using either LG, Samsung, Nokia, Siemens or Sony Ericsson and using Proximus network?

If yes, you can download the setting automatically without any hassle. Just follow the guide and instruction from Proximus on how to receive MMS settings via MMS. You’ll receive by SMS the settings of your device to use MMS, WAP and Mobile Internet.

How to install the MMS setting manually on your mobile phone?

Easy, just use the below parameter.

connection name: mms
name access point:
user name: mms
password: mms
verification: normal
IP address:
homepage: http:/
connection protection: off

For iPhone user, click here to download the settings for sending an MMS with your iPhone after upgrading your software to version 3.0. If you want to know more about the MMS, please refer to the official Proximus FAQ page. - Proximus, Belgium - Proximus, Belgium

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Proximus, also known as Belgacom Mobile, is the largest of Belgium‘s three mobile telecommunications operators. It competes with Mobistar, owned by France Télécom, and Base, a subsidiary of Dutch KPN.

The Proximus network is used by a number of mobile virtual network operatorsUgly Duck (Belgacom), TMF Mobile (MTV), Mobisud (Belgacom), IDT Mobile.



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