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For international user who wish to use TIM:

If you are looking for a Roaming Service with coverage all over Brazil and higher quality, TIM is the operator you need.

To use your mobile phone in Brazil, it must be compatible with the GSM 1800 standards and your home operator must has signed a roaming agreement with TIM in Brazil.

Your mobile phone does not necessarily automatically connect to the TIM network. If you want to use the TIM Brasil network, you may have to connect manually.

No matter where you are, getting connected to the TIM Brasil network is easy!

If you need help to connect your device manually to TIM Brasil’s network, or are interested to know about our products, services and promotions, you can easily contact the Multilingual Department available from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM everyday (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo time) by dialing from your foreign phone or from a landline the following number: 0800-741 41 41. If you prefer, you can contact us via e-mail, using the option “Fale com a TIM” located in the footer of the website

You can also dial + 55 11 2847 6144 from your foreign phone or 0 41 11 2847 6144 from a landline.

Attention: This call will be charged as a local call (If you are in São Paulo) or a long distance call (If you are in others States in Brazil) if you dial using a landline in Brazil, or as an International Roaming (Local National) call if you dial from your foreign phone.

If you are abroad, you can get in touch with TIM Brasil by asking some Local Company to make the reverse call to TIM. In this case, you should ask the company to make the reverse call with this following number + 55 11 2847 6144.

TIM Brasil offers you English and Spanish Customer Care Service. That’s why, getting connected to TIM Brasil’s network is easy and comfortable wherever you are!

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