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Got an Apple iPhone? But do not know what’s the MMS setting for Vodafone Ireland?

If you’re trying to reach or and failed, please go to - Vodafone, Ireland - Vodafone, Ireland

According to Vodafone Ireland website:

What is a multimedia message?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a photo with your mobile and send it with a message to anyone’s mobile phone or email address for only 25c.

How to send a multimedia message:

This is a general guide for sending multimedia messages for all makes of phones. If you have difficulty sending a picture messages from your phone you should refer to your phones manual.

  1. Select ‘messaging’ and ‘create new message’.
  2. Select ‘multimedia message’.
  3. Insert an object by selecting ‘options’.
  4. Select the number or email address from your list of contacts and press ‘Send’.

Are you set up for picture messaging?

Your phone may not be configured to send and receive multimedia messages. We can email or post your setting to you!

  • Call the Prepay helpdesk on 1850208787
  • Call the Pay Monthly helpdesk on 1907

Having Problems sending MMS?

If your phone is not set up to receive an MMS you will get a text asking you to contact a website. This text will also have a username and password for this website. To view your picture message simply log on to the site.

Non Vodafone Ireland customers should also click the link below and enter the username and password as advised in the SMS received.

Launch Multimedia Centre

Incoming search terms from Google:

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